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Test Drive Meme #1
Hello, and welcome to our very first test drive! We’re pleased that you’re expressing an interest in the game. Here, you can test the waters, gauge how your character may fare in the world of LifeAftr, and even gain some in-game incentives, if you so choose.

Remember that Reserves will open on July 17th and that Applications will open on July 24th, in preparation for the game’s official opening on August 3rd!

But first, two important notes!
1. The island of Mu exists apart from the real world and possesses a dream-like quality that characters are innately aware of from the moment they appear on its shores. No need to panic or fret. Dreams are odd things, after all - and anything can happen in them. Why would anyone question where their mind chooses to wander in its sleep?

2. Due to the nature of Mu, threads in our test drive can not only be accepted as thread samples in your application, but can be accepted as game canon as well. In fact, certain choices your character makes in Mu have the potential to bear in-game consequences.

The white sand of the beach ridges the island’s edge, even if the clear water soon becomes murky the further out you look across the horizon until the turquoise gleam of the tide disappears in a coil of surrounding fog. Indeed, your best prospects may very well be to strike out among the trees or the crags looming out over the foam-capped waves. There’s lumber to be found and made from the palm-like trees, potentially fruit or edible tubers of some kind if you forage about some. The further you travel, however, the more of your surroundings will reveal themselves in a steady unspooling of curiosities.

One corner of Mu’s current construct drops away into a sheer cliff, initially too dangerous to brave for all but the more daredevilish, but if one starts to scan the sharp rocks below, you might catch sight of what appears to be sodden planks of wood - a wreckage tossed up against the rocks. And a little further...a bobbing, shattered wreck of a lifeboat’s remains, potentially bearing supplies that might yet be salvageable.

Fashion what you can from the wood and stone around you or scavenge from the ruin of the land, if you like. But you can’t simply stand around and wait forever. It’s going to get dark sometime - and if a creature of unknown terror doesn’t catch you, the elements surely will.


There’s a sense of camaraderie in this cove, you think. As the sun hangs low over the horizon, the world cast into orange hues, long shadows dispersed by roaring fires that dot across the beach.

That’s right, folks: it’s storytime.

There’s no one to preside over this meeting of the minds in Mu. Call it a vague recreation of things to come, if you like, some vaguely fatidic dreamlike state where you may find yourself drawn to the heat and company that awaits you by the fire. And from there, compelled to default to that old instinct that most of intelligent civilization has revered since they were advanced enough to paint geometric shapes on cave walls.

You tell a story.

Perhaps it’s a tragedy, a tale of woe and of personal loss. Perhaps it’s the sort of thing you’d break out after a few rounds of your alcoholic beverage of choice, clapping hands to your knees as you try to bite back your mirth long enough to spill the punchline. Perhaps it’s an adventure of some sort, some unbelievable rendition of your past exploits. The only common thread to be had, as those gathered around the fire share their tales, is the fundamental rule of a ritualistic sharing of stories such as this: its truth.

But how one chooses to define "truth" is, in its own way, another story entirely...

Dance, Sucker, Dance!
The beat of your heart in your chest is difficult to ignore. It judders with a pulsing, rhythmic quality. If you’re one of those that lacks a heart, the beat is still omnipresent and all-encompassing, until your entire body is unwittingly bobbing in time to a metronomic tune that seems ingrained into your very soul. It’s inescapable. You can’t seem to move unless it’s in time to the rhythm that’s now singing in every atom of your being.

But rest assured, you’re not alone in this musical curse. Everything, from the swaying trees to the waves against the beach, jumps in time to the music. And so do the monsters approaching you, that - wait a minute.


Oh, yes. Did we mention those?

It seems you’ve encountered the wrath of the Boogieman, who curses you to only dance to his infernal beat. If you wish to best him, you’ll have to either evade or destroy the blobs of greenish slime that serve as his minions, all in time to the hard beat of the tune in your head. Clear the radius of his curse or risk an open confrontation, if you dare. Don’t worry if you look foolish; chances are anyone else caught in the Boogieman’s thrall feels just the same.

Mu isn’t pulling any punches to start with. It is a flighty creation, after all, and seems to revel in displacing people into new and uncomfortable situations.


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Osomatsu Matsuno | Osomatsu-san | ota

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I) shipwrecked

[he awakens to the sound of the sea, the ocean waves churning and and hitting his shoes. Osomatsu pushes himself up suddenly. he feels sand beneath his fingers, and he looks around. uh. where the hell is he?

he gets up in a daze and begins to wander around, looking for other people. well, looking for his brothers first. yeah, they take priority. but anyone who Osomatsu can find to help him out would be appreciated... the further he travels, the more he is realizing that this must be a dream. he thinks so, at least, until he starts getting hungry. now it is even more imperative to find other people! because he most certainly won't be able to figure things out on his own.

it's getting warm, and he rolls up his sleeves, then thinks about it and rolls up his pants. he's certainly not dressed for an island adventure, but maybe his clothes will come in handy when night falls. which will be soon... yeah, panic is setting in! eventually, Osomatsu plops himself down onto the sand and dramatically clutches at his stomach]

This is it! I'm gonna die here, in paradise! [please give him food]

II) story time

[now that he's found other people, and gotten some food in him, Osomatsu seems a lot more cheerful. too cheerful for someone who's woken up on an island. he can't even recall how he got here, but that's not important right now. what's important is bonding.

he's been listening to other people tell their stories in the cave, and he's been grinning in amusement the entire time. when the last person finishes their story, he sits up a little straighter, because it's his turn now. and Osomatsu considers himself to be a pretty good storyteller]

Okay, okay. But if we're really gonna tell stories about people from back at home, I gotta go with that time Iyami was chosen to be the next martial arts hero. [he rubs under his nose] Man, that was crazy!

III) wildcard

[got another idea? hit Osomatsu up!]
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I. oh my god oniichan

[personal profile] ichininyaanshi 2017-07-22 08:45 pm (UTC)(link)
[To be honest, Ichimatsu is at a loss.]

[This island is bright. Way too freaking bright. Ichimatsu's general aversion to the outdoors aside, it's like walking around full-time in the unyielding gleam of Karamatsu's hideous glitterpants. He's taken to sheltering beneath the thick, bluegreen patches of shade at the fringes of the jungle; can't be assed to travel in much deeper, since it's not like there's anything he'd care about that far in.]

[Well, maybe tigers... ?]

[Some other time. The point is, when Ichimatsu spots the depressingly familiar sight of his own face sitting out in the sand, he's at a loss. Gone is his usual choice of creeping up on his brother unnoticed, doing what he has to do, and beating feet before he's dragged into an annoying conversation. No way he can pull it off in a bright, open space like this... looks like he has to approach Osomatsu directly. What a pain.]

[But there's nothing he can do about it. With a sigh, Ichimatsu plods out of the ferns, tugging down his mask to rest beneath his chin -- he should've let it dry off more before putting it on, it smells disgusting -- and waving a lethargic hand to catch his brother's attention.]


[Yeah he's gonna stop here like... fifteen feet away from you?]

[And suddenly throw a glass jar full of orange preserves directly at your head o shit incoming]
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what a good little brother and 1/2

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Osomatsu looks up just in time for the jar to hit him right in his face. he sits there for a moment in disbelief, before jumping to his feet and rubbing at his nose. has it caved in? is he bleeding?]

What the hell?! Ichimatsu!
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[...wait. Ichimatsu. it's Ichimatsu. suddenly, all the pain is gone as realization dawns on him. he's... he's not alone! he gets to his feet, bruised face and all, and runs to his little brother]

Ichi~matsuuuuuu~! [COMIN' IN FOR A BIG HUG]
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[personal profile] ichininyaanshi 2017-07-22 09:08 pm (UTC)(link)
[Okay, helpless older brother fed.......... sort of. That's his job done for the day. Time to go.]


[Ichimatsu knows better than to spend effort in a futile resistance against the likes of Osomatsu, but he puts up a token struggle because why are you like this. Also because Osomatsu might be the only one other than Jyushimatsu who can get away with this much hugging without some clawing at his face.]

[Look, he's spent the day in the company of assholes and weirdly cute spider ladies, seeing a brother that isn't Karamatsu isn't the worst thing that could have happened next.]

C-cut it out... just eat your damn jelly already!
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[NO, Ichimatsu is getting all the hugs, and the headrubs, because Osomatsu is so darn happy to see him! he's been wandering around this beach for hours with no signs of hope!]

I'll eat it, I'll eat it! [rub rub!] But first, you gotta tell me how we get back home!
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Idiot, if I knew that I would have left already! You think I'd stay in a place like this by choice?!

[He's given up and is enduring the headrubs. It's not like Osomatsu can mess up his hair even more than it already is, looking like an actual nest of sand and dried saltwater.]

Tch... I lost Shittymatsu, too.

[oh well good riddance]
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[blinks! he drops his hands (finally)]

Karamatsu's here too?

[and wait... if there's no way off this island... then... what are they going to do?!]
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Yeah, somewhere.

[Finally. Tugging his hoodie back into place where it had flopped over his shoulder, Ichimatsu trudges over to the abandoned jar lying askew in the sand. Good, looks like it didn't break on impact with that Osomatsu's skull... he stomps back over and shoves it roughly into his brother's chest, pine tree marking the spot.]

Dunno where.
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[Osomatsu takes the jar that is so roughly pushed into his chest. well, might as well dig in. he wishes he had some bread to put this on. or a spoon? guess he's eating with his hand]

Wonder how we got here.
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[personal profile] ichininyaanshi 2017-07-22 10:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ichimatsu's only got one utensil available, but he actually likes Osomatsu enough not to pull a knife on him. Eh... look at him, he's doing fine. Ichimatsu shoves his hands deep into his pockets, not before using one to pull the mask back up over his nose. Sullenly, he glares out towards the jewel-bright sea horizon.]

I figured you guys sold me to pirates or something until I ran into Shittymatsu.

[.... actually... that should have just reinforced his theory. And now with Osomatsu-niisan here, it's alive and stronger than ever. Now who would be capable of something like that?]


... Todomatsu.
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[personal profile] relieable 2017-07-22 10:56 pm (UTC)(link)
[just shoveling jelly into his mouth hungrily. yeah, he was starving! who knew that orange preserves were so good?!]

Mmm? [looks up from his jar, his mouth and the surrounding area covered in jelly. what are you, Osomatsu, an animal?]

...You think Todomatsu did this?
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[personal profile] ichininyaanshi 2017-07-22 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
Do you know any other dry monsters who would sell us out?

[Well, Iyami would. He definitely would. But Ichimatsu has his betrayal angle set up and he's gonna run with it until Todomatsu pops out of the bushes wailing about sand in his smartphone.]
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[HMMMMM, he sucks on his fingers, then wipes his mouth with his arm]

...Yeah, I guess I could see Totty sellin' us to pirates. You think he got money? If he did, I'm gonna be pissed!
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[personal profile] ichininyaanshi 2017-07-22 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
[Ichimatsu's face darkens, and he turns to his brother with a slow, deliberate look.]

Niisan... you need to get your priorities in order.
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[personal profile] ichininyaanshi 2017-07-22 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)

There aren't any cats here at all...
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Oi! What the hell are your priorities?

[money is more important than cats fight him.

...actually don't. Ichimatsu's into some weird shit]
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[Ichimatsu doesn't reply. He just holds Osomatsu's gaze, pulling his mask down once again with one finger while the other draws from his hoodie pocket a... strip of jerky, salted and dry, peppered with a savory smell of dark-colored spices.]

[Hey onii-chan, did you have fun eating like a caveman?]

[Because he's shoving this entire strip into his own mouth and chewing like a rabid animal.]
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[personal profile] relieable 2017-07-23 02:16 am (UTC)(link)
[wh... what the hell was that for? why wouldn't you share that with 'niichan?!

Osomatsu just stares for a moment.

then goes back to eating his jelly without another word]
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[personal profile] ichininyaanshi 2017-07-23 02:31 am (UTC)(link)
So it's settled.

[Ichimatsu goes ahead and talks right around that mouthful, and judging by the way he's rummaging in his pocket, he probably has more.]

We'll find the cats, then get out of here.

[Ichimatsu aren't you... forgetting... someone.]
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[personal profile] relieable 2017-07-23 02:34 am (UTC)(link)
[Osomatsu didn't. agree to that at all. but you know what? it's fine. as long as they get out of here]

Sounds good to me! I'm ready for a beer.

[who are they forgetting...?]
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[personal profile] 50shadesofburaza 2017-07-23 02:44 am (UTC)(link)


Not that it's going to stop him, at all, but certainly somewhere deep, deep beneath that smiling interior, something twists. That's all it takes, huh? One additional family member.]

Aa, Chibita might have some sake on sale.

[Even if it sometimes tastes like stale piss. The perfect drink for brothers on a budget.

Plus, unlike some people, he didn't get food lovingly tossed at his head.]
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[Ah, there you are -- dear, missing brother, why didn't you just say you wanted food lovingly tossed at your head?]

[Here you go.]

[Except it's not food it's a fucking rock.]

Do you see Chibita anywhere around here, Shittymatsu?!

[Incidentally he's aiming for the sunglasses, but in all honesty he's probably going to miss his brother completely.]
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[oh! it's Karamatsu! Osomatsu just watches, sucking the jelly off his fingers]

Maybe Todomatsu sold him to pirates, too. Maybe he has his oden cart! [he's dumb]
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[Heh. It's going to take more than a rock to defeat him, buraza. Karamatsu steps to the side grandly-

right into the path of the fucking rock. And down he goes. The glasses, unfortunately, stay in tact. Love... it hurts, does it not? That is how one comes to appreciate it most.

Besides, there's something more important to discuss.]

Todomatsu sold us to pirates?

[...That makes far too much sense.]

Who do you think was worth the most... was it a package deal?

[Aka; how much money do you think the devil made, selling off their souls?]

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